Identities in our fast changing World

18th International Intensive Workshop on Systemic Resolutions

Termin: Sonntag, 16. – Sonntag, 23. Mai 2021

Dive into the theme of changing Identities in a world that is changing faster then ever before:
The climate is changing, borders are changing, our roles and Identities are changing, as are our global political structures. Who are we, who can we be and who do we want to be in these chaotic fields of change? Who are we as German, Chinese or American human beings? Who are we as women, men or trans? Who are we in our roles, as fathers, mothers, lovers, leaders? What positions do we have, what places can we take, bearing in mind our ancestral inheritance? We explore together how constellationwork can contribute to that immense field of questions.

One inspirational constellation – week of learning with experienced facilitators. Deepen your own practice, connect to colleagues, and get to know the latest developments in systemic constellation work.

Faculty: Christine Blumenstein-Essen, Guni Leila Baxa, Diana Drexler, Lap Fung Cheng, Bill Manle, Eelco de Geus, Hunter Beaumont, Tomás Kohn, Tanja Meyburgh, Sian Palmer, Sarah Peyton, Susan Pogue, Charlie Stevens, Elena Veselago

The workshop is open for everybody, no requirement for a particular profession.

The course language is English.


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Termin: Sonntag, 16. – Sonntag, 23. Mai 2021

Leitung: Mitwirkung von Guni Baxa und Christine Blumenstein-Essen

Ort: Conference Hotel Clara Sahlberg, Berlin